FINTRX was developed by the founders of Capital Hedge, a data research and consulting firm founded in 2007 with a specialty in providing alternative investor research and family office database intelligence to global investment managers. FINTRX is the result of years of client feedback, each looking for a more efficient and organized way to raise capital. By providing continuously updated data, capital raising tools, CRM technology, distribution list creation, and sending capabilities, FINTRX is asset raising simplified.

Investor Data Meets CRM Technology

Gone are the days of buying 'empty box CRM packages' - with FINTRX by Capital Hedge, dynamic investor data is fused with innovative cloud based CRM technology.

FINTRX offers its users an interactive experience, with its data fusion technology. Upload and merge your personal prospects with the family office data provided by FINTRX. Encrypted and viewable only to you, seat holders can now keep all prospects in one organized interface during the asset raising process.

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fintrx family office data technology

Family Office Prospects & Allocations

FINTRX offers a unique subset of asset raising tools to its seat holders. With a centralized lead dashboard and CRM hub, FINTRX ties up your communication loose ends, ensuring your family office and institutional targets do not fall through the cracks.

Direct investment and allocation projections can be set with ease through our drag & drop technology.

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Cloud Sync & Backup Encryption

Secure and sync up with FINTRX. With our cloud based technology, our data, your data, and all communication is secure and stored in the cloud.

Direct past communication to your iPhone - or send upcoming due diligence meeting notes to your calendar or team members. With FINTRX, you can prospect, track, & store your intel with the security of the cloud.

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Cloud Sync & Backup Encryption
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Family Office Email & Distribution Reports

Need to send multiple reports, or distribution list to prospects for your fund? FINTRX is your solution. Create and send unlimited distribution list through the FINTRX interface. Track who opens your materials & save investor engagement metrics with FINTRX.

The FINTRX interface allows for drag and drop list creation. Explore our dynamic family office database, create prospect list - or upload your own data into our cloud based system and start raising capital.

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Family Office Email & Distribution Reports

FINTRX Features Overview

Allow FINTRX to work for you. Spend your time sourcing deals, marketing, and raising capital & let FINTRX manage the rest.

  • Cloud driven technology - no downloads & global access
  • New investors added daily - Consistent updates
  • Upload and integrate your own data & prospects for tracking
  • Track email opens through the CH Email Dashboard
  • Save notes, tasks, events, calendar functions, and more
  • Create custom distribution list for all targets & prospects
  • Structure road-show list & target prospects accordingly
  • Schedule meetings, conference calls, events, & track within CRM dashboard
  • Connect multiple accounts within your firm to share investor data & prospect info
  • Interact with team members to share meetings, events, new investors & allocation deal flow
  • Sync all email interaction, events, calendars, and tasks though the FINTRX Integration Center
  • Use our 2-way sync technology allowing for real time sync conversions with all major calendar apps
  • Track prospect interaction and communication via FINTRX