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Opal Financial Endowment & Foundation Forum Attending Investors - Boston, MA

October 14, 2013 | Sample HubSpot User

Capital Hedge media partner, Opal Financial Group is hosting their 15th Annual Endowment and Foundation Forum Oct 7, 2013 - Oct 9, 2013 at the Long Wharf Marriott, which will provide a forum for free exchange of ideas concerning portfolio planning and investment strategies. Rather than focusing on a particular investment style, this endowment and foundation conference will tackle issues that are most germane to nation's endowments and charitable foundations by examining critical investment topics, as well as need to align fiscal strategy with goals of a particular organization.

Participants and delegates will speak on a range of issues, including necessity for non-profit governance for endowments, means of capturing alpha in a portfolio, methods of choosing money managers, and problems of ethics and liability in fiduciary planning, as well as addressing pros and cons of investing in equity, fixed income, alternative, and real estate products. By targeting industry sector, guest speakers and participants can gain a greater understanding of how ir organizations can utilize and dovetail with particular investment strategies.

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