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2,000+ Family Offices & Counting...

May 7, 2018 | Russ D'Argento

The family office landscape is a forever moving target. The rapid growth trend of newly minted family offices has certainly kept us busy here at FINTRX. With each passing day we continue to keep our pulse on the family office echo system and its evolving nature. In fact, we have just eclipsed a major milestone by surpassing the 2,000 multi & single family office data threshold.



We've always been focused (and continue to do so) on putting a premium on quality over quantity. Our global suite of clients (hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, real estate, investment banks, private companies, traditional asset managers etc) value insight and color on the family offices we cover on their behalf over arbitrary number padding.

We look forward to further cementing FINTRX as the go-to resource for high quality & comprehensive family office data.

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