GLC Global Conferences Announces Partnership With Capital Hedge

By Kathleen Leahy

GLC Global Conferences announces a partnership with Capital Hedge for the company's 2013 Global Summits. GLC conducts finance and energy events worldwide, with a focus on high end wealth clients. The partnership will help align GLC with best in breed fund managers and investors through increased exposure via the Capital Hedge Investor Platform.

About GLC Global Conferences

GLC is an industry leader in the field of business conferences and events, providing business platforms and networking opportunities to senior level executives by bringing them together in highly interactive events, such as: Global Summits and B2B Events. GLC specializes in major industries such as; Pharmaceutical, Finance, Energy, Oil & Gas, IT & Sales & Marketing.

About Capital Hedge

Capital Hedge is a Boston, MA based institutional and family office database provider to a select group of alternative and traditional investment vehicles. The firm is led by its founder, Russ D'Argento, who established the group in 2007 in order to provide a turnkey investor network and asset raising solution to the growing number of global fund managers. Built around its team of investor research analyst, CH provides all clients; (hedge funds, private equity groups, fund of funds, real estate funds, traditional asset managers and more) with equal data, membership advantages, investor information, and personal attention - with each having access to their proprietary family office directory, institutional investor database, conference attendee list functionality, and publication network.


Amar Bayasgalan
Marketing Manager
Tel: +36 1 848 05 21
Fax: +36 1 848 05 20

Russ D'Argento Founder, Global Business Development
Capital Hedge Investor Network
Tel: (617) 517-0789

by Kathleen Leahy

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